Our Services are Broadly Divided

Fulfilling Relationships

Customers work with NADF because of our wide range of services. NADF is more than just a distributor: NADF is a contract partner using our knowledge and experience to develop practical solutions to clients’ day-to-day challenges, while developing the strategic value NADF can offer their business in the future. This long-term focus benefits NADF’s customer’s business, NADF’s supplier’s business and gives NADF greater insight into the issues that are shaping the market.

Partners with the Leading Global Brands

NADF continues to maintain partnerships with many of the world’s leading brands. For many of them, NADF is the principal partner in our industry, providing manufacturers with straightforward, direct access to NADF’s niche retail markets in excess 35 countries. Off-shore catering, diplomatic, duty-free cruise, air, border, airport retail, travel retail alongside of a range of other vehicles are instantly accessible to our supply partners.

Accuracy Counts

Effective supply chain management is an art. It’s not just about the quantity of goods processed, it’s also about the ability to consolidate orders. Each day NADF’s logistics centers consolidate a huge array of customer’s goods, dispatching multiple truckloads that could contain a vast combination of different durable goods, with individual items, boxes or trays all shipping in one load. All of which equates to tens of millions of pounds of goods dispatched each year.

Supply Chain Management

Effective supply chain management takes more than just being able to manage and coordinate the distribution of goods from point A to point B. It requires an intimate understanding of our customer’s needs. This requires time and experience. In NADF’s case with 40 years of experience pays dividends. With offices and state-of-the-art logistics centers located at the cross-roads of the America’s headquartered at Port Everglades, Florida, with satellite distribution centers in New Jersey, Texas, California, Washington and internationally in The Netherlands, NADF’s expertise is complemented by direct gateway to nearly every domestic port.