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NADF is dedicated to service our business partners and their valued consumers with the finest and most innovative consumer and travel retail products available for the International Travel Retail Industry.

North America Duty Free has an extensive product range from confections, snack foods, bakery products, frozen desserts, frozen meats, beverages (alcoholic & non-alcoholic), marine and maintenance products. NADF sells established brands in both retail and food service size.

NADF prides itself on our unique ability to customize products for customer requirements.
NADF aims to be the preferred partner for niche markets for the Caribbean, Central and South American consumers for the following industries:

Cruise Lines
Ship Chandlers
Travel Retail
Duty-Free Wholesalers/Distributors
Hotels/Inclusive Resorts
Marine Industries

The Power of Innovation

Today, NADF’s distribution facilities utilize some of the most sophisticated warehousing equipment to optimize accuracy and efficiency. Voice-directed warehousing cuts order-picking times, while NADF’s compact warehousing system has increased storage capacity by 33%. NADF can provide fully bonded warehousing, as well as multi-temperature storage and onward transportation. NADF/IWS HQ Global Transit Center has the most extensive customs and warehousing facilities in the United States, with full-time customs officials and USDA inspection officers working on site. All this adds up to storing, moving and handling over 100 million pounds of cargo per year.

Wherever You Need It

Once a client order has been placed, NADF uses a fixed network of transport partners to expedite delivery. NADF uses bulk and combined load facilities for sea, land and airfreight, while secured door-to-door supply chain solutions ensure deliveries are safeguarded at all stages of the journey.

Mitigating Risk

Full compliance for all goods in the supply chain is a pre-requisite at North America Duty Free. For higher-risk products, such as meat and poultry, NADF ensures that all compliance and safety procedures are rigorously checked. At NADF’s primary logistics center, USDA food inspectors check to ensure that all documents conform to the correct standards, and effect random sampling.

Full Compliance

Ensuring full compliance, at all stages of the business process, is standard procedure at North America Duty Free. NADf’s customers expect and demand the toughest criteria to be applied across all compliance issues, from food safety to customs clearance. NADF follows the same rigorous principles.

Toughest Standards

Food safety and transparency are company priorities. All food products that enter NADF’s logistics distribution facility are subject to comprehensive quality controls, are handled with the utmost care, and remain stored in temperature-controlled environments. Today, customers are focused on the origin of products, NADF ensures that from the moment products enter our supply chain goods are handled inside of the required controls until they are released to our clients.