North America Duty Free – Who we are:

Since 1982, North America Duty Free has met the export trading needs for a global marketplace from its warehouse in the Foreign Trade Zone in Port Everglades, Florida. NADF can also offer additional warehouse and distribution facilities in California, New Jersey, Texas, Washington and Rotterdam, The Netherlands. NADF remains a privately owned and operated duty-free ships chandler and international distribution company most honored to represent a very wide range of nationally and internationally branded manufacturers for sale and distribution into niche global markets.

Think globally, act locally. For some, this is an ambition. For North America Duty Free, it’s a daily reality. With NADF’s footprint in over 35 countries, NADF is as accustomed to addressing international supply chain logistics as NADF is with customs regulations. Whether it’s providing durable goods, bonded items, establishing a new logistics route, etc., NADF takes care of our customer’s individual requests. Each of NADF’s solution platforms are designed in tailor made fashion for each customer on an individualized basis.

Shop, Sail and Fly

NADF continues to foster strong long-term relationships with the world’s largest cruise operators, providing food service and retail solutions that ensure their passengers and crew specific requirements are always met. For duty-free and travel retail customers, NADF supplies a dynamic wide-range of products, to include beverages, snacks, confection, household and personal care products. NADF continues to provide our wide base with assistance on how to successfully cultivate and operate in-flight, travel, border, resort and cruise duty-free retail sales programs.

Who We Serve

• Maritime supply
• Cruise line supply
• Oil, gas and mining exploration supply
• Airline catering supply
• Duty-Free and Travel Retail:

• Airport retail
• Resort retail
• Airline duty-free
• Cruise line retail
• Border retail
• Military duty-free
• Diplomatic duty-free

Solid Partnerships Built on Trust

Solid partnerships are built on trust and reliability. When one hundred individuals working on a remote off-shore marine rig needing three square meals each day along with everything people use in their daily routine, this is when trust and reliability counts. North America Duty Free continues to develop strong, long-term partnerships with our customers, guaranteeing to provide what they need, when and where they need it. Partnerships are rewarding relationships requiring trust, transparency and understanding to be effective. NADF continues to cultivate and build successful long-term partnerships with both customers and suppliers based on these values. Two clear goals set NADF apart, to contribute to the growth of their business and to take over those tasks which are not part of their core operations.



Forty plus years in marketing, purchasing and sales. Janet Fortgang has flourished in an over four-decade career as a procurement director for national retail department stores and global duty-free operations. Janet’s focus is to always meet and exceed the customer’s needs.



Forty plus years experience in international distribution and sales. Successfully leading sales teams for multi-national companies servicing customers around the globe. Steve has had a successful career in managing sales and purchasing teams for the tax-free wholesale and retail marketplace.



Twenty plus years in accounting, operations, warehousing, and logistics. Starting with operations, delivery customization and logistics management, Jess Fortgang has honed all of the skills for meeting the dynamic needs of our clients and vendors.



Over thirty years in procurement, sales, warehousing, and logistics distribution. Scott Santoro has extensive industry knowledge to constantly evolve and effectively cover the diversified product procurement needs of our customers.