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Our services are broadly divided in to two areas

1. Buying Agent
2. Manufacturers' Representative Exclusive Export.

As a buying agent, we assist in the buying process, negotiation and delivery. We source for our customers, undertake all their import needs and ensure the specified quality standards. Using NADF as your facilitator, you will find several advantages that could be decisive in your commercial strategy:

  • Access to the best and most up-dated range of products
  • Extensive knowledge of the international marketplace
  • Synergy of products to satisfy your requirements integrally
  • Consultant in methods and procedures of International Trade
  • Freight consolidation and freight forwarding

Every day more manufacturers around the world are designating distributors for their marketing functions and sales. The Representatives or Agents are becoming quickly the ideal alternative a force of direct sales.

As representatives of foreign manufacturers, we can offer considerable advantages to our principals:

  • Fast introduction and immediate coverage of the market
  • Highly personalized administration of sales
  • Predetermined costs of sales
  • Knowledge of the Market and Customers
  • Attractive business partnership for covering the markets and territories

North America Duty Free Distribution Center